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Student Government Association

The SGA website is currently in the midst of a major overhaul. We appologize for any inconveniences this may cause while using our webpage. In the mean time please feel free to contact the SGA with any questions about student life at UTSI by contacting us at or by contacting our President, Dave Surmick, at Please visit our facebook page to see a more up to date record of what the UTSI SGA is about by following the link below:

SGA Facebook Page

The SGA is a student organization which represents the entire UTSI student body, including both full-time and part-time students. The responsibilities of the SGA are outlined in the SGA constitution and bylaws. All students are encouraged to attend the SGA meetings which are held each month.

The SGA sponsors various activities throughout the year, some of them through SGA Clubs. For information on a club and their activities check out their web page or contact their president.

The SGA leadership is composed of three officers (President, Vice-President, and Treasurer) and six Senators (five students and one incoming student elected in the fall semester).


Current SGA